Selected News

Logo with a dog in the center for the Watch Dads of Great Students program.

Our Watch D.O.G.S program is returning to Webster! For more information or to sign up, click on the counseling link at the top of the Webster home page and sign up under the Watch D.O.G.S tab!


We look forward to seeing our Watch D.O.G.S again! 


We recognize that our M.O.M.S. (Moms of Marvelous Students) bring essential perspectives and experiences to our school community, and we want to acknowledge their dedicated commitment.

We get asked all too often, “are moms allowed?”  The answer is always, “of course!!” We just suggest the program always be implemented with a focus on speaking directly to the men in the community because that has been proven effective in getting everyone to show up in more meaningful ways, including the dads and dudes.

Every new school year brings brand new parents and guardians into that live stage of being responsible for caring for school-aged kids.
We want to welcome all into this community of engaged servants… and after 25 years of calling out the DADS we wanted to do something to celebrate our anniversary by also shining a spotlight on the M.O.M.S.

Thank you for your support of the WATCH D.O.G.S.® Program, and we look forward to welcoming more Moms of Marvelous Students into our community in the years ahead.