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November 12, 2019

  1. Welcome and sign-in

  2. Secretary—review of last month’s minutes

  3. Topics for Discussion

    1. Facebook live request-parent is requesting PTO meetings to be broadcast via FB live 

      1. concerns are that not many are on the PTO page

      2. could lengthen meetings 

      3. Minutes will be posted on the school website each month (possible post topics for discussion ahead of meeting dates) 

    1. FUNd Run Final Review

      1.  Final total-$17,036 profit from student donations, sponsor, and such 

      2. Kona Ice coming soon 

    1. Monster Mash Dance Review 

      1. $946.61-made

      2. $619.51 spent 

      3. $327.10- profit 

    1. Skate City- (canceled due to weather)

      1. will not reschedule 

    1. Box Tops Update

      1. Total-$373.10

      2. Winner October- Honeycutt 154 box tops 

      3. Due 11/15 

    1. Student Christmas Gifts

      1. Spend approx $4 per kid 

      2. Winter Themed 

      3. Smencils

      4. December 9th-right after school (2:45 pm) 

    1. Staff Christmas Luncheon

      1. December 18 

      2. Staff survey-Mexican food 

      3. Possible tumbler or water bottles 

  4. Principal’s Report

    1. Every school receiving additional funds-$18,500 only for kindergarten 

      1. new tables, chairs, teacher table with deeper inset and dry erase board top, new projectors (ceiling mounted) mimeo boards

    2. Working to get all projectors ceiling-mounted in future

    3. PBIS night on Thursday 11/14- 6 pm 

    1. Mrs. Borck’s class won $250 for the Avid store via the AVID polyup challenge. 

  5. Thinking Ahead

    1. February Dance Theme 

  6. themes-disco (Webster 50th), blast from the past dance, gold theme 

Thanks for being here!

See you at the next meeting on December 9-right after school (2:45 pm).

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