Visitor Procedures

At Webster Elementary, specific procedures have been established to facilitate a positive experience for visiting members of the community and the staff and students of our school. All visitors must report to the office immediately upon arrival at the school and wear a visitor tag after checking in through our Raptor system. Please be sure to bring a government issued photo ID such as a driver's license, state ID or military ID in order to gain access to the building. When you arrive, we ask that you ring the bell and hold your identification close to the camera so that a member of the front office staff can verify it before granting access to the building.

  • Visitors are permitted to meet with staff in person by appointment only. This includes building administration. 
  • Visitors needing to talk with staff, are requested to do so via Remind, phone, or email. 
  • If visitors must talk to staff in person, masks are required to enter the building. 
  • Photo IDs are still required as well.      *NO EARLY CHECKOUTS AFTER 2:20pm

If a student needs to be checked out during the school day prior to 2:20, please come to the front door. A member of the front office staff will record the student in the sign out log and bring them to the door to meet you. 

100% ID Check - For the safety of our students


The staff members of Webster Elementary maintain a strong presence and supervision before and after-school, wearing safety vests and directing crosswalks at neighborhood intersections. With all of our dedication, however, it takes a concerted effort between school and community to keep our students safe. Please support us in keeping safety first by following the guidelines below:


  • Do not park within 20 feet of any crosswalk or stop signs.

  • Do not block any parking lot entrance/exit or drop off in front of cones.

  • Never compromise the safety of students.

  • Safe, courteous behavior is appreciated and expected. Please refrain from using your cell phones during drop-off and pick-up times for the safety of our children. 

  • Use posted entry and exit points at 5 mph speed limit and stay within the cones.

  • Release students only in the designated areas along the sidewalk. Stopping in front of cones and dropping off in the middle of the parking lot is prohibited.

  • DO NOT BLOCK Bus Drop off Area. This is not for parent use. 


    • Pull as far forward as possible and where directed by staff when entering the Kiss and Go Zone.

    • Wait for all cars in line to come to a stop before loading or unloading students.

    • Stay in your vehicle and encourage students to be ready to exit the car quickly.

    • Unload students from the passenger side of the vehicle.

    • Do not leave cars unattended in the Kiss and Go Zone at any time on school days. Please use the parking spaces instead of the Kiss and Go Zone if you need to leave your car.

    • When leaving the parking lot, please be aware of children and merging traffic.