PBIS Roars Matrix



Webster is a PBIS school (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). This means that we teach, reinforce, and follow a small number of positively stated expectations known as our ROARS expectations (Respect, On-task, Aim for Excellence, Responsibility, Safety). The expectations are posted and taught throughout the school year by stating what we want students to do, rather than telling them what we do not want them to do. Teachers align their classroom rules, procedures, and expectations to the ROARS expectations, including levels of positive reinforcement as well as potential reteaching and consequences. At times, students who are not following expectations can be subject to school disciplinary action. The PBIS team has developed guidelines for disciplinary action regarding minor, repeated minor, and major behaviors to ensure a positive classroom and school climate is maintained. If you have any questions regarding the ROARS expectations or disciplinary guidelines, please contact the Assistant Principal.

At Webster we are respectful, on-task, have great attitudes, are responsible, and safe. A Webster Wildcat... ROARS

Voice Level Expectations