aROARds Assembly

  • ROARing Student - Respectful, On Task, Aims for Excellence, Responsible, and Safe
  • Kindness Award - a student that continuously displays kindness, this student is determined by a class vote, T-shirt
  • Most Improved (academically)
  • Pure Grit (Effort) - a student that displays courage, perseverance, and patience
  • Specials - each specials teacher chooses 1 boy and 1 girl for the whole grade level that demonstrates outstanding behavior and performance in the designated special

Outstanding Attendance: there were 136 students that didn’t miss any school days 1st quarter. These students will be given awards in their classrooms

Students in Action

Students eating donuts
fourth and fifth grade students playing tug o war
Students playing tug of war with Mr. Neal
Students eating donut holes
Students eating donut holes