Webster Choir 2019-20


Meets on Tuesdays 2:45- 4:00.

Starting September 10th. Permission slips must be returned to Mrs. Lowman before your student may participate.

There will be an activity bus for those who take the bus to school.

Scheduled is our annual winter concert at Webster Elementary on December 12th at 5:30, which is mandatory for all choir members.

We will also perform at the Air Force Academy to sing the National Anthem with other choirs from around the area  This is not a mandatory event, but a great experience. Families are invited to attend this event. Ticket are $13.00 each family member including the choir student. Forms will be sent home the first rehearsal.

The only cost to be a member of the Webster Wildcat Choir is to purchase a choir shirt and black pants.   Parents may purchase a shirt to support our group. Shirts cost $8.50 and must be paid no later than September 20th.   Please complete the permission for and have your student return it before or on August 30th. Without this form they cannot start choir until it is turned in.  

  • Please print all information on the permission slip, especially the email.  This is my main form of communication with parents. 

  • I will be using Class DoJo for attendance, positive attitudes, singing expectations and behavioral issues.  I will be sending you email to sign up for this tool of communication with you. Our 4th grade and some of our 5th grade teachers use Class DoJo as well.

Choir Expectations

Parent Expectations

  • Purchase choir shirt - cost $8.50

  • Provide BLACK pants for the choir student

  • Let Mrs. Lowman know if they are going to be absent on Tuesdays

  • Try not to schedule doctor appointments on Tuesdays

  • Check email weekly for choir information

  • Bring them to their scheduled evening choir concerts

  • Remind them on Tuesdays they have choir

  • If picking up a student, pick them up by 4:00 on Tuesdays: call the office if there is a problem that day with picking them up.

Student Expectations

  • Be on the risers by 2:50 (This gives them 10 minutes to get a drink, use the restroom, get their folder and be ready to sing)

  • Have their folder with them at all rehearsals on the risers

  • No GUM 

  • No spinners

  • No talking to their neighbors unless directed to do so

  • Keep eyes on director

  • Practice music at home

  • Wear their choir shirt to the performances with black pants

  • Cell phones stay in backpack and not on the risers

  • Give parents any written communication given out during choir

  • Don’t miss more than 3 rehearsals. 

  • HAVE FUN with singing and moving

Mrs. Lowman Expectations

  • Provide quality music and instruction

  • Treat all students fairly

  • Communicate with parents via email, written notices, phone calls or Class Dojo

  • Take roll and document attendances and absences (Class Dojo)

  • Notify parent if the student was absent through Class Dojo

  • Help students achieve excellence in performing for audiences and improve their vocal skills

  • Provide outside activities for the choir to participate such as the Air Force Academy basketball game, Security/Widefield tree lighting event, Elementary/Middle school Honor Choir and other possibilities

  • Keep documentation of monies turned in for shirts and events