Computer Lab -Mrs. Daugherty

Computer Lab Focus

  1.  Typing: 
  • Grades K-2, we focus on learning the keyboard and proper finger placement.  
  • Grades 3-5: Focus is on gaining speed and accuracy. Typing Club create account using WSD3 Google info.

2.  Coding:

Students create an account  with their WSD3 Google username and password at and older kids enjoy Scratch as well.  

  • Coding Involves:
    •  planning
    •  problem solving 
    • teamwork
    • creativity

3.  Google Docs, Sheets and Slide presentations: Login is the WSD3 Google account info.

  • Grade K & 1 will be creating and sharing multiple projects in Google Docs, with text and a picture
  • Grades 2-5 will be creating docs, a graph project on sheets and a slide presentation.
    • We incorporate inserting and resizing pictures, fonts, correct punctuation and spacing, and using bullet points and numbers.  Students will learn to insert links and videos to their projects.
    • When finished with their Slides presentation we also add slide transition & picture animation. The then  learn how to share their projects safely.

4. Internet Safety is covered and built upon each year for grade appropriateness. Here are a few examples:

5.  Supporting teachers in  classroom projects and reinforcing curriculum based skills is an integral part of the lab.  

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