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Mrs. Chaskey's Page with fun sites

I'm Mrs. Chaskey, a.k.a.  "The Computer Lab Lady". This is my 8th year at Webster and my 15th year as a Computer Lab EA in WSD3. We cover quite a variety of things in the lab. I've set up links to some of the frequently used sites so your students can explore their favorite sites to their heart’s content.   I hope you and your students enjoy exploring these sites after school and over the school breaks.

Cool Sites to Explore for fun.

I'm very excited about our new link to  Kids love, love, love it. 4th and 5th Grade have the opportunity to  join our coding club. This is the same site that will be used by the club, so all students have access to this newest adventure. 

*** Reminder...this is a school website and all projects must be school appropriate. Have fun, be creative and enjoy.

Lab Links


BIO. Great Bio site. Clear, concise, easy to use.

Ducksters. Research inventors, sports heroes, world leaders, women in history, artists, and more!

Encyclopedia Britannica

CODING This is a free site for learning coding.


ABC Ya K-5th grade

Starfall K-2, money, time, adding, subtracting tens groups. 

That's a Fact!  2nd-5th, Math fact speed drills.


abcya  K-5th, A kids favorite! letters, math, geography, bingo, typing, holiday things - all fun learning games.

Brainpop USA  3rd-5th. choose a category, go to "see all movies". All topics with a pink "free" tab are available for viewing. To view the rest you must login

Brain Pop Jr.  1st-3rd. Free videos on science, math, health and more!

Ducksters  3rd-5th grade. History, Geography, Biographies & Science

Fact Monster  3rd - 5th grade. A bit of everything Colorful, easy to use. Bios, history, math..

Starfall. Reading, Math, Music and More!

Encyclopedia Britannica. Facts at your fingertips!  Planets, animals geography.  Pictures, videos and more. 


Starfall  K-2. Starts with ABC's and moves through CVC and blends. Music, stories & poetry


Brainpop. All topics with pink "free" label are open for viewing. See the Multi-Category folder for the UK version. DNA, asthma, hibernation, snowflakes, space flights, and much more.

Nat. Geo Videos. Animals, science and more. Fun, fun!

Planets. very cool videos of planets. check out the paper planet tab on the lower right

San Diego Zoo Animal Videos. Videos from the San Diego Zoo.  Loads of fun and cuteness.


BBC Dancemat 2018  1st-5th. BBC- British goat walks students through the basics of keyboarding

Typing Club. We use this in computer lab for 3rd-5th